Credits for Make Your Own Safari Cards is based on an original idea by James Whiting. Below are details of all the images used in our free Safari E-cards.

The following images were obtained from

This image was created by Dorret Goodwin.

A hyena laughing while lying on it’s back

These two images were both created by Tony Couns.

A gorilla beating it’s chest while standing up A gorilla with a welcome sign does not identify the creators of the following images.

A walking hippopotamus An animals paw prints An ape making a gesture A walking gorilla A baby ape in a tree A hippo from behind An elephant waving its ears An unfriendly-looking gorilla An elephant blowing its trunk An elephant squirting water out of its trunk An elephant wagging its tail A monkey making a funny face A turquoise-blue lizard A bright-green lizard A green lizard A crocodile A crocodile A crocodile with its mouth open A lion sitting down An elephant dancing An antelope running back and forth An elephant from behind An elephant walking forwards An elephant walking forwards A chimpanzee making facial expressions A giraffe A giraffe’s head A giraffe seen from the side A hippopotamus A lion licking his lips A hyenna looking from side to side A lion running forwards A leopard sprinting A giraffe’s head, looking from side to side A zebra from behind A zebra looking left and right An adult and child zebra

All of the images below were obtained from the Open Clip Art Library and are in the public domain.

A smiling monkey A lion with a big mane lying down A lion standing up A lion facing forwards A lion looking to its right A lion walking to the left A lion looking to its left A zebra rearing up A zebra leaning down towards the ground An ape in a tree A cartoon monkey A monkey’s face A smiling monkey face A grinning monkey face A black and white monkey head A capuchin monkey sitting in a tree A moneky’s face A monkey crouching down and leaning forwards The silhouette on a baboon A capuchin monkey climbing in a tree The silhouette of a monkey hanging from a branch An aye-aye lemur crouched on a branch A gazelle A cartoon zebra

Finally, our favicon An elephant favicon is courtesy of Favicons R Us.

I’m very grateful to all the people who have made their images available – this website would not have been possible without their generosity.

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